Social Work Salon #25: Child Development Account: The Early Findings From the Policy Experiment in Oklahoma of The United States


On May 5th, 2015 China Social Work Research Center invited Dr. Huang Jin, the assistant professor of Saint Louis University School of Social Work, assistant professor of global health research of the School of Public Health at Saint Louis University, director of asset building social policy of the social development center at Washington University at Saint Louis. Professor Huang discussed some of the specific findings of a child development account program in Oklahoma with the participants, and put them into the macro background of asset social policy.

The Child Development Account fully embodied the concept of “accumulation of assets from the start of child”. Children also need to accumulate assets from the start. This is beneficial to their healthy growth and long-term development. During the lecture, everyone became interested in the Child Development Account introduced by Professor Huang. Particularly during the Q&A session, the participants asked questions actively. Professor Huang answered all the questions one by one. He also combined with his own program experience and extended it into the larger social context, which helped the participants understand the essence of the Child Development Account more clearly. All the participants have learned a lot from the lecture, which is also the purpose of the salon.