Social Work Salon #26: Case Management Services in Mental Health Social Work


On May 17th, 2015 the PKU Department of Sociology social work practice forum and social work salon on the Case Management Services in Mental Health Social Work was held at the China Social Work Research Center. The lecture is co-organized by the China Social Work Research Center, PKU Department of Sociology and Graduate Student Association of PKU Department of Sociology. 

The salon invited Professor Wang Sibin, the director of China Social Work Research Center and the president of China Association for Social Work to host the opening ceremony. The salon also invited Ms. Yu Ling, the senior social worker of Peking University Sixth Hospital to give a lecture. Ms. Yu Ling graduated from the China Women’s University Department of Social Work in 2004. She has been working to provide social work services for psychiatric patients after graduation. Ms. Yu has a lot of clinical experience in case management and group therapy for mental illness.

During the lecture, Ms. Yu combined with related cases from her own practical experience and gave detailed explanation. She also encouraged the students from the Academy of Social Sciences, China Youth University for Political Sciences, Beijing Normal University as well as other colleges and universities to participate in the discussion. The whole forum is in a harmonious and warm atmosphere. In the end, the center also presented each participant a green ribbon and a small gift.