Social Work Salon #23: The Value of Social Work and Social Work in Mainland China: The Impact and Reflection of A Social Worker from Hong Kong

On January 10th, 2015 the Social Work Research Center invited Ms. YIP Sui-kan, the senior director of the China research and development network, Department of Applied Social Sciences at Hong Kong Polytechnic University to give a lecture. Ms. YIP has been working as a social work practice supervisor for graduate students in Mainland China since 2007. She also has conducted social work training for the relevant government departments as well as colleges and universities. Additionally, she works to coordinate with the domestic social work research, practice education and ability building projects. She has come through the impact between China’s value system and the core values of social work. Ms. YIP suggested how social work ethics and regulations have been held on to and come to a compromise in the process of social work localization. There is clarity on the fuzzy boundaries in social work.

In the lecture, more than 40 participants asked questions about the development of domestic social work and social work values. Ms. YIP combined with her own practical experience and actual situations of domestic social work development to explain the questions one by one. The lecture has enabled the participants to understanding the future of social work development in Mainland China and the issues need to pay attention to.