“Sishan Social Work Award” Awarding Ceremony was held.

On the afternoon of June 12th, Peking University MSW faculties and students attended the awarding ceremony of “Sishan Social Work Award” at China Social Work Research Center. Professor Ma Fengzhi, the director of the MSW education center, presided over the ceremony. Professor Wang Sibin first introduced the purpose of the award and read out the list of the winners. Professor Yuen-Tsang Woon Ki, the vice president of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Professor Zha Jing, the Party secretary of the PKU Department of Sociology, Professor Wang Sibin, the president of China Association for Social Work Education, and Professor Ma Fengzhi, the director of MSW education center issued the certificates together for the 2013 and 2014 the MSW program students.

Professor Zha, the Party secretary of the Department of Sociology thanked the Siyuan Fund and Zeshan Fund’s support for PKU social work education, and congratulated the winners. She also encouraged the students to be always grateful, uphold the sense of mission, adhere to their ideal, solid their academic studies, temper their conduct, improve their ability, dedicate to others, and contribute to the country and society. The 2014 MSW student Song Xianhua made a statement on behalf of the MSW students. He said that many students had obtained Sishan’s funding and support in these two years, which helped the students’ professional research and practice plan be realized. The award not only has enhanced their professional practice ability, but also has promoted their research and academic progress. All the MSW students have earned the spiritual power of seeking and pioneering.

Professor Yuen gave a speech on behalf of the Sishan Fund. She introduced the original intention and purpose of the fund, and said that she was very pleased to see the good achievement of PKU social work as well as the students’ efforts. Professor Yuen encouraged the students to continue their efforts to reach new heights.