Social Work Salon #21: Israel’s Social Work Education and Practice

On November 23th, 2014 China Social Work Research Center held a lecture on the Israel’s Social Work Education and Practice. The lecturer is Professor Faisal Azaiza, the past dean of the School of Social Work at University of Haifa in Israel. In the lecture, Professor Azaiza shared the progress of Israel’s social work and the situation of social work education with the participants. He also answered the questions raised by the participants and shared his own view.

The lecture helped the participants understand Israel’s unique social work atmosphere and development compared to other countries. It also improved their awareness of China’s social workers and deepened their understanding of China’s social work development, which is helpful to promote the professionalism of social work. The participants also put forward their own concerns and opinions, which earned the enthusiastic response from Professor Azaiza. All the participants have learned a lot from the lecture.